Take part in our success and join the RootLicense Partnership Program. As a member of the RootLicense Partnership Program, you can offer your customers an improved product line and increase your income. Boost your sales with our product discounts, eLearning and supports. When you decide to partner with RootLicense, we will equip you for success. Start being a member of our team today.


If you have the following requirements you can use our discount pricing on our products/services:

  • Having verified identifications
  • Having a website which is active in hosting services, servers and domain subjects.

Providing facilities by RootLicense:

  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Instant Activation
  • Online IP Changing
  • e-Learning
  •  Full Access Powerful APIs
  • Free Installation
  • WHMCS Module

Bronze Partner Pricing List:

  • VPS CPanel License
  • Dedicated CPanel License
  • Dedicated cPanel License/Annually
  • Dedicated cPanel License/Biennially
  • Dedicated cPanel License/Triennially
  • CloudLinux for cPanel
  • CloudLinux for other Control Panels
  • LiteSpeed VPS Enterprise
  • LiteSpeed Ultra VPS Enterprise
  • LiteSpeed 1-CPU Enterprise
  • LiteSpeed 2-CPU Enterprise
  • LiteSpeed 4-CPU Enterprise
  • LiteSpeed 8-CPU Enterprise
  • WHMCS License with BrandName
  • WHMCS License without BrandName
  • 13.00$/M
  • 31.00$/M
  • 330.00$/A
  • 630.00$/Bi
  • 850.00$/T
  • 11.00$/M
  • 11.50$/M
  • 12.55$/M
  • 17.95$/M
  • 28.75$/M
  • 42.25$/M
  • 59.35$/M
  • 82.75$/M
  • 11.21$/M
  • 13.46$/M