Dear Customers


We are really sorry for what happened to your services with us.

Unfortunately cPanel terminated our control panel for some unfair reasons. and they blocked all IP we had licenses on them.

After talking to cPanel customer service team for unblocking the IPs, they said you all have to send an email to cPanel customer service and asking them to unblock your IP or your list of IPs.

Please tell them you had servers with cpanel licenses with us.

we are really sorry for what happened to our license, we are trying to negotiate with them and solve the problem as soon as possible.

If you need to refund any money for related services please send us a ticket.


Sample Email for unblocking IP in cPanel:


Dear cPanel Customer Service Team 


We are one of the Rootlicense’s customer and We had a license / list of licenses with Rootlicense company. The license was active on our servers which we have from their company too.  Unfortunately you closed their control panel and blocked our IP / List of IPs.

They said, according to your talks, we are suppose to send you an email and ask you to unblock our IPs.

We want to buy license from your distributors directly, so please unblock the following IPs:

**** your list of IPs ****


Best Regards